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Aggressive Criminal Law Representation

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, you want the advice of an experienced lawyer. Facing criminal charges worrisome and frightening. The process can be overwhelming without an experienced guide. Your future depends on how well your defense is handled.

At Wisenbaker & Swan, we know that you have a great many questions. You may be unsure of what the charges mean and what defenses are available. Our attorneys provide the counsel and guidance you need to understand your charges and rights. We explain the law, your options for your defense, and ways to potentially minimize the consequences of the charges. We defend your rights and protect your interests.

Responsive And Experienced Legal Advice From A Local Law Firm

The shock of facing criminal charges can lead to inaction due to the overwhelming nature of the situation. Perhaps you were charged with DUI after a night out with your friends and you are concerned about losing future job opportunities due to your criminal record.

No matter your changes, the most important step to take is to contact an attorney and don’t try to explain your story to police or prosecutors. Their job is to convict you. Our job is to defend you. So call us and let us do the talking.  At Wisenbaker & Swan, our goal is to guide you and your loved ones through this difficult time.

Defense For a Broad Range Of Criminal Charges

Following are some of the cases we have handled in our criminal defense practice in South Georgia and Tift, Cook, Crisp and Lowndes Counties:

  • DUI and underage DUI. An individual might face two separate issues: A criminal case and a potential license suspension. Penalties include fines and jail time.
  • Accusations of domestic violence. Georgia laws include physical and emotional abuse as domestic violence. Some perpetrators are married/unmarried partners, family members or caregivers of the victim.
  • Assault. This is defined as the attempt or actions against an individual to cause harm. It also includes acts against an individual who, in turn, may be afraid to be harmed by the aggressor party. Assault is divided into two major degrees, which are simple and aggravated. Simple assault is a misdemeanor, while aggravated assault is a felony.
  • Drugs. If the defendant drove under the influence of drugs, they will likely undergo an alcohol and drug evaluation. In addition, drug possession and possession with intent are serious crimes and may be charged as felonies. Possession with intent to sell is punished with jail time from two to more than 30 years, depending on aggravating factors and the type of substance.
  • Firearms violations. In Georgia, it is illegal to carry firearms or large knives without a permit. However, even with a carry license, some items are prohibited, such as switchblades or tasers.
  • Manslaughter and violent crimes. Our attorneys can help provide the aggressive defense you need when facing crimes involving serious violence.

After reviewing your charges and all matters involved, we will develop a strategy to protect your rights and make every reasonable effort to lessen your charges. We are committed to building an effective defense for you.

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