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What Our Clients Say About Working With Wisenbaker & Swan


Cason was absolutely amazing from start to finish. He is professional and knowledgeable, while also being empathetic to your case, whatever it may be.

His fees are reasonable and fair. He does not charge extra for any phone
call, and is always available to listen and give advice. If he doesn’t
answer, you can be sure he will promptly return your call. He is always kind, accommodating, and understanding to whatever your circumstance may be.

Cason Swan is an excellent attorney and he will fight for you; but most
importantly, Cason is an outstanding man of integrity and character.

Mr. Swan,

I wanted to personally thank you for allowing me to use your service. You were so nice in listening while I was upset and much needed guidance. It didn’t matter to you what time I called or if I had a question to ask. I felt that you were in my corner every step of the way. Even your team at the office was considerate and warming when I was upset and trying to get things in order. I appreciate you so much and if I ever needed to use your service again, which hopefully I won’t have to, I will. Thank you! 

— Megan Christine Pate 

A bad wreck can change your life forever. When a trucker pulled out in front of me in the dark, life became a blur. On the helicopter ride to the hospital, I knew things were serious. When I woke up in a hospital miles from home, my Doctors were telling me I might not walk again. Everything was up in the air, but they did tell me I wasn’t going to be home for some time, and that I needed multiple surgeries.

From my work in the medical field I knew that with every night in the hospital, every emergency surgery, every stitch and every Tylenol, the financial burden was increasing. It hurt and angered me to think about my beautiful wife and kids suffering because of the actions of another.

My anger was quickly joined by despair when the police officer showed up in the hospital to tell me that the wreck was my fault and that I was being cited for distracted driving. I didn’t know where to turn. I was about to lose everything.

Luckily, I hired Cason and Rex.

While I was busy having surgery after surgery, they were busy getting an expert on the crash scene to investigate the officer’s allegation that the wreck was my fault. They made sure no one could tamper with my car, and pulled a “black box” to gather data from my vehicle before the insurance company could destroy it. They stopped the trucking company from repairing the trailer, examined it, and proved that the trailer lights weren’t on when we collided.

They spoke to witnesses that were on scene. They talked to people that lived nearby. They found out some of these people had told the officer the truck pulled out right in front of me with no lights on. Things didn’t add up. Why wouldn’t the officer consider this?

They were able to confront the officer before the insurance companies could get to him. When faced with all of this information, he changed his tune and admitted he was mistaken. He never came forward with a reason for citing me, but at least he wasn’t going to ruin my life.

Because of all of this, they were able to prove the wreck was not my fault. They were able to get the maximum settlement for me and my family.

Throughout the process, they answered all my family’s questions. I was able to remain as calm as possible and focus on my recovery knowing we were in good hands. I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone seriously injured.

— Jake J.