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Experienced Help After A Car Or Truck Accident

No one expects to wind up in a car accident. One second you are minding your own business, and the next, you’re stunned or worse, waking in an emergency room. Trying to deal with the aftermath can be overwhelming. What should you do?

At Wisenbaker & Swan, our experienced lawyers understand your confusion and bewilderment. We can handle the legal side of things while you tend to your own recovery.

As knowledgeable personal injury lawyers, we have helped clients navigate the complexities around insurance coverage and claims as well as filing a lawsuit when that is necessary. From a car crash in Valdosta to a semi-truck accident on I-75, we are aware of the needs and particular circumstances involved with many types of motor vehicle accidents.

Fighting For Fair Compensation After Negligence

As local attorneys, we are familiar with many of the common motor vehicle accidents that occur in South Georgia. However, every case is unique and demand focused attention to gather the necessary evidence and build a compelling argument for compensation. We thoroughly review to develop an effective legal strategy.

Just Passing Through South Georgia? We Can Help.

Did you suffer a car accident on I-75 while traveling through South Georgia? Maybe you were returning home after a vacation in Florida, or maybe you are from out of state. We can help you deal with insurance claims and potential court proceedings. Depending on the facts, we may be able to handle your case without your needing to return to the Valdosta area. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, we work to protect and advocate for your interests.

Negligence accidents have many causes, but some of the more common include:

  • Driver fatigue is particularly dangerous for truck drivers, as they often are pushing to meet tight deadlines.
  • Drunk or drugged driving due to medication or due to consumption of both legal and illegal substances.
  • Speeding. Driving too fast has become very common and often leads to catastrophic consequences.
  • Distracted driving. It’s all too easy to be distracted by phones, screens or even passengers.
  • Errors related to poor judgment, such as failure to yield or other loss-of-control incidents.

We work to help you obtain fair compensation to get your life back on track. We can help you seek compensation and justice for the unfairness of being innocent and suffering injuries due to the actions of a negligent motorist. We are your advocates, helping you shoulder the burdens and stress of the legal process.

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